What do I need to use to build my app?

To be eligible for prizes, participants must build functioning software that uses the Microsoft Graph Security API.


What APIs or datasets can I include in my app?

Bonus points will be awarded if you use additional APIs in Microsoft Graph. You may also use whatever additional APIs, SDKs, and datasets you choose, as long as you are authorized to use and distribute them. Remember, you MUST meet the requirements above in order to be eligible for a prize.


Are there any restrictions in any languages I can use for development?

No – as long as the app you develop runs on at least one of the following and uses Microsoft Graph Security API:

  • a smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile)
  • a web browser (mobile or desktop)
  • a desktop computer (Windows PC, Mac Desktop)
  • other hardware (including, but not limited to, wearable technology, open source hardware, or proprietary hardware)


How do I join the Teams monthly Office hours?

You can join the Teams monthly Office hours call by clicking on the respective link for that month provided in Resources. Refer to general guidance on Teams meetings for further details.


Why am I not able to access the Teams call link?

This can potentially happen if you are not yet added to the team for Microsoft Graph Security Hackathon in Teams. In this case, email graphsecurityhack and we will add you to the group.