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almost 5 years ago

Steps to be aware of before making request to use our demo data (option a, Resources)...

It's great to see some of us have started on the Hackathon! While you are following the steps in the Resources -> Getting Started guide, please keep these steps in mind if you want to request access to our demo data.

Any application you build for the Hackathon needs to include the Graph Security alerts or SecureScore entities as per Resources guidance and documentation references. For building a Graph Security application that reads and updates alerts you need SecurityEvents.ReadWrite.All permission for your application. Hence, while registering your application, if you want to use our demo data, please follow these steps while registering your application at before you share the application ID with us over the form.  

  1. Go to for registering your application or if you have already registered your application. If you already have registered your application for this Hackathon, click on the application name that you registered for this Hackathon. It will show the application details page where you can edit application properties.
  2. While you are in the aplication creation/edit view, if you scroll down you will see application permissions properties section. 
  3. Refer to Graph permissions reference to select whether your application is delegated (app has a user based login like web app, mobile app, native app, etc.) or application only (app is a service or daemon), click on the respective ‘Add’ icon to add following list of all acceptable permissions for this demo tenant. That way we can avoid back and forth in approving some permissions and not others. Please also note that since you are using the demo tenant, you have write access to only security alerts in the tenant. You do not have write access to all other entities like users, devices etc. If your scenario for your application requires these, you might want to go with building your own data option in Resources (getting started guide).

·       Agreement.Read.All

·       AgreementAcceptance.Read  

·       DeviceManagementApps.Read.All

·       DeviceManagementConfiguration.Read.All

·       DeviceManagementManagedDevices.Read.All

·       DeviceManagementRBAC.Read.All

·       DeviceManagementServiceConfig.Read.All

·       Directory.AccessAsUser.All

·       Directory.Read.All

·       EduAdministration.Read


·       EduAssignments.Read

·       EduAssignments.ReadBasic

·       EduRoster.Read

·       EduRoster.ReadBasic

·       Group.Read.All

·       IdentityRiskEvent.Read.All

·       People.Read.All

·       Reports.Read.All

·       SecurityEvents.ReadWrite.All

·       User.Read.All



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.